I often get asked this question especially in regards to the best NMS or Application Management solution but the answer is loaded due to 3 strategic issues with the space: 1. “Tool only” solutions are limited due to the industries “security stance toward monitoring” (see http://bit.ly/mVuHSq) Thus, Organizational Structure, Business Processes, and Knowledge Management are […]

I recently came across a LinkedIn post that referred to the more narrow field of Application Performance Management and couldn’t resist responding: http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/blog/?p=12982&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=why-is-application-performance-management-so-screwed-up Lets face it after 3 decades, Application, System, and Network monitoring has progressed very little. Sure there are lots of new toys but as the article does admit most are at the […]

Life isn’t fair. I think this reality was as daunting to me then as it is to my teenager today. As a young consultant do we ever work less than a 70 hour week? No, because the professional services manager doesn’t want to bother the sales team with a change order to extended the scope […]

It was the fifth call. I didn’t get it – what was it “they” didn’t get? The question burned in my mind after an unusually unpleasant interaction with yet another outsourced call center – this one for my Quicken Business software. But it was a Sunday, I had some free time, and I was up […]