Today's Post: Everything As Code: Enterprise Management under DevOps
High end consulting in the ABCDs (AI, Bigdata, Cloud, DevOps, and SRE.) Our engineering encompasses organizational structure, business processes, knowledge management, and IT infrastructure and software.
Our approach is dominated by our:
1) Decades of experience
2) Leadership in industry standards
3) Diverse, broad and deep social networks
4) Thinking outside the box, seeing past pedigree/labels, and instead focusing on what works as shown by past successes.
Lessons learned (i.e. mistakes) shaped our creed:
1) Do what we say
2) Take the risk and trust first
3) Focus on relationships, not transaction
4) Advocate clients, not vendors
5) Demystify, don't obfuscate
6) Admit when we are wrong
7) Always do what is right