With twenty years of “real world” experience delivering IT Enterprise Architecture and Security solutions to over 50 fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and secret military projects, I’ve acquired a knack for seeing the future of project and knowing what posture today will result in success tomorrow. Contrary to much of what I was told, I found the long game was grounded in integrity and doing the right thing since these built deep relationships and focused less on the imOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmediate transaction.  Just as there is a need for both Norstroms and Walmart, there is a need for high end services and the lowest price leader. Frankly, the later of these two is both cheaper and better served by our overseas counterparts.  If this is what you need, I am NOT your solution.

As such, I founded NMSGuru in 2003 as a non-denominational Applications, Systems, and Network Management Consulting firm. It is currently based in Austin, the home of: IBM Tivoli, CA NetQoS, Solarwinds, ScienceLogic, ZenOSS, Spiceworks, Alterpoint, Netsolve, among others.

Our Values:

  1. Several decades of experience
  2. Leads industry standards
  3. Diverse, broad, and deep social networks
  4. Thinks outside the box, sees past pedigree/labels, and instead focuses on what works as shown by past successes.

Our creeds:

  1. Do what we say
  2. Non-denominational (Vendor, Product, and Standards)
  3. Take the risk and trust first
  4. Focus on relationships, not transaction
  5. Advocate clients, not vendors
  6. Trust experience, not pedigree
  7. Demystify, don’t obfuscate
  8. Admit when we are wrong
  9. Always do what is right

I have written several white papers and blogs on a variety of subjects, but often the facts do not do the “raw experience” justice.  Eighty percent of any solution is founded in the people with their corporate culture, business processes, and alike – not the technology. As such, I have written a number of fictional books and blog entries that “show” rather than “tell” what it is like to be a high end technology consultant in the modern age with all the sausage making and imperfections that entails … well I should say what it is like plus a few apocalyptic embellishments of my choosing.  😉