Ok I lied. I promised to shift gears from the emotional sphere to the mental sphere after providing one measly emotional tactic – tapping into fear. But can you really take over the world with this tactic alone?  Sure, along with the tactic, I did provide the example of 911 and how the terrorists “owned” […]

As fate would have it, a friend, Michael Velasco, asked me to follow up on a recent pro-vaccination article ( http://bit.ly/1ifvLPc ) and I realized this would be a perfect demonstration of a headless conspiracy using the Jedi Mind Trick #1 – Fear Mongering ( http://bit.ly/1lGZocU ) What is interesting about this subject is that there are […]

The prior blog discussed real secret government conspiracies and how most of them are “headless.”  As a practicing Cith, this article teaches you how to create your very own secret government conspiracy through fear mongering. In practice, there are many tactical moves that can kick a headless conspiracy into existence. These tactics oddly resemble Jedi […]