As fate would have it, a friend, Michael Velasco, asked me to follow up on a recent pro-vaccination article ( ) and I realized this would be a perfect demonstration of a headless conspiracy using the Jedi Mind Trick #1 – Fear Mongering ( ) What is interesting about this subject is that there are two, diametrically opposed, headless conspiracies, extremists in the pro-vaccine and the anti-vaccine camps. This article discusses the pro-vaccination camp as the article was written by one of their Ciths.

The reason Michael asked me to look at the article in the first place was that I and my son, Ben, are autistic. Further, 24 hours after the pertussis vaccine, my son went from normal childhood development to no speech or eye contact. When I asked the doctor what was in the vaccine, he said he didn’t know. Yet he knew all vaccines were always safe all the time. (Remember Ciths always talk in absolutes.) When I pressed, I realized he “knew” it was 100% safe, not because he had read studies, but he had been raised to think that.  I really was talking to an 8-year-old version of the doctor that always listened to his mother.  And worse I realized I was a mirror image of him as it was I, over my wife’s opposition, that pressed for the vaccine. As I am one to not blame shift, I take full responsibility for going along with the doctor’s recommendation, not doing the proper research beforehand, and as a result injuring my son. (Ownership is key to being a true Business Cith – and not just a run-of-the-mill Cith – but more on that later.)

In 3 years, using alternative approaches (such as nutrition, acupuncture, and chiropractic alternatives) as well as western med, we were able to get Ben from no eye contact back into kindergarten. Sure it could be an anomaly or maybe he grew out of it, but the empirical thing to do would be to ask questions and not assume. The reality is that in this universe you cannot know what you do not know.  But I ran into trouble when I tried to share my experiences with the pro-vaccine camp.  I wasn’t trying to convince them that all vaccines are bad, but that my experience, as well as my son’s recovery, should be looked at. What that experience taught me was that posting an article would provide a great case study for you, my audience, into how headless conspiracies tick. For those who didn’t jump to the site already, here is what I posted:

“Science’s opposition to folks “Googling” and making up their own minds on vaccines mirrors the Catholic Church’s opposition to folks “Print-Pressing” and making up their own minds on their relationship with God. As was the case in 1500, the current “trendy group”, because of beliefs, wants to keep and expand the status quo despite the loss of control due to a technology (Google and Printing Press respectively).  Science has proclaimed a monopoly on truth and as result vaccine lawsuits are limited while still forcing parents to vaccinate. The fact that civil liberties are taken without any “reflection” is disturbing. This is not to say pro-vaccination for some diseases for the majority of people might be correct, just as the Catholic church might be right about some aspects of God. But in both the pro-vaccinator and Church’s cases, fear-mongering about security as a way to steal civil liberties undermines their argument.

Just as my religious belief will not affect you, my non-vaccinate child will not hurt your vaccinated child if indeed the vaccines work. Science doesn’t own empirical truth anymore than the Catholic Church owns your relationship with God. When the site is named “I fucking love science”, this punctuates you are reading the words of a true believer, a zealot, and a Cith. This personality has become the very person they think they are fighting against because they have drunk too much of their own KoolAid and bought into a “headless” conspiracy of some kind –

Instead I would listen to the zealots on both sides (it seems that is all there is in this debate) as well as myself and any other moderates, and then do your own research and decide for yourself. Completely own your health and the health of your family and pray to God that this country doesn’t keep eroding civil liberties and freedom by pounding the drum of fear and need for security. We already tried that after 911 and got Iraq along with a decade of stagnant growth. Here and now we are putting our children on the front line so the stakes are a bit higher. If we blindly do this as well, we might as well hand the superpower title to China. At least they are honest about being a dictatorship and ruling by fear.”

I encourage you to go to the site and read the back and forth that ensued. I found it quite entertaining and in my own little way, through petty toying of emotions, I took over a little chunk of the world and made things darker.  Wha ha ha ha! Sigh. But to be honest, my intention was to get folks to think for themselves and get off the KoolAid. However, even a Business Cith knows you cannot control what others are ready to hear. They have to be at a place in their life, where, what you are saying both resonates and makes sense. As expected, the KoolAid drinkers entrenched and reinforced their current beliefs. Responses ranged from dismissive to abusive. This is the typical response you can expect from the Ciths of any headless conspiracy. You get the same response when engaging folks who ONLY watch FOX or MSNBC for their news source. These Ciths are not looking to update their worldview, but rather to reinforce what they already believe. This is fine, but when they also believe they are keeping their minds open, that is where they cross the line and become a Cith. Drinking your own KoolAid is the fastest path to the Dark side (for those who are interested.)

It is not always obvious if you are dealing with a Cith. This requires some interaction – so I left “hooks” in my post to ferret them out. For example, one person correctly pointed out that a non-vaccinated child CAN hurt a vaccinated child since vaccination is more for the population, and not the individual. That is, the most virulent strains spread and can eventually affect even the healthiest individuals. However, when this individual was engaged and I conceded his point and countered that it MIGHT be possible that some vaccinated individuals are harmed, he immediately fell back on the all-or-nothing mantra that all vaccines were safe (as if you can say that about any product, across all manufacturers.) Thank God he wasn’t a Catholic priest from 1500, otherwise I would have been burned at the stake. However, this proved to me that I was talking to a Cith. As Obi-Wan told Anakin – “Only the Cith deal in absolutes

So what is the lesson here? It is that a Business Cith is not your regular run-of-the-mill Cith. In order to become a full blown Business Cith and take over the world, you must be in the headless conspiracy, but not part of the headless conspiracy. You must maintain your own integrity and independent thought, separate from the “Borg” in order to exploit the headless conspiracy and steer the masses.  This can be difficult as seeing the truth will require some moral flexibility on your part to stay the course.  But in the end you will take over the world.

For those interested on becoming a Business Cith, the novel TERMINAL CONNECTION “shows” rather than “tells” the path. The novel is now available on Amazon ( ) or Kindle ( )

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