One of the driving forces behind writing TERMINAL CONNECTION, a novel, rather than releasing a text book on consulting is the fact that the most important lessons are emotional and absorbed through experience. While a text book can convey the facts, it cannot make the reader re-live the experience and understand the subtle nuances. Only […]

I’m waiting on my final digital proof of #TerminalConnection. It should be here this week.

In my life I’ve learned to lean on my Autism/ADHD traits. Actually I find about 80% of the people in my industry (IT) are on the spectrum to one degree or another because it allows you to: think outside the box, visualize what can be, and focus on mundane things for exceptional (and I do […]

Sometimes Facebook/LinkedIn/Google posts, white papers, and technical books cannot properly convey the sausage making that actually goes on behind the scenes as a high end consultant. The story, agendas, and personal relationships behind the technology is the other 80% of the picture and why what appears to be stupid mistakes occur. But talking to these […]

New Release January 2014: Terminal Connection by Dan Needles. Illustrated by Kenn Brown of Mondolithic Studios. What if a terrorist was a computer virus, its weapon a defect, and its target the U.S. military’s eyes and ears? Welcome to post 9-11 where the lines are blurred between terrorists and superpowers, military and civilian, and virtual […]