TTC_FRONT_COVER_ICUPUBSometimes Facebook/LinkedIn/Google posts, white papers, and technical books cannot properly convey the sausage making that actually goes on behind the scenes as a high end consultant. The story, agendas, and personal relationships behind the technology is the other 80% of the picture and why what appears to be stupid mistakes occur. But talking to these artifacts does not do them justice. What is required is showing them in action.

To that end I am publishing my first novel TERMINAL CONNECTION which shows all the sausage making that does on behind the scenes within the fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and secret military projects.

TERMINAL CONNECTION is available for preorder on Amazon at and paints this untold picture (embellished with an apocalyptic thread or two.)

I also will be writing a few articles discussing the non-fictional, corporate culture issues “shown” in the TERMINAL CONNECTION. Because though “showing” is better than “telling”, doing both together is best of all

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