Brief Introductions For a general discussion of the dos and don’ts first look at the article – “So You Wand to Write A Poller…” Well after expounding on the should or should nots about a poller I figured an example was in order. At some point you have to stick a stake in the […]

INTRODUCTION So you want to write a poller… my first word of advice – don’t. At least don’t if this is anything more than an academic exercise. A quick Google of poller along with the source code of your choice will provide a dozen of fully functioning examples. However, if you decide not to listen […]

Recently I inventoried the facets of NMS and hit a nerve. Part of this process involved using the deficient standards of FCAPS and ITIL and as I should have expected I got a lot of backlash from engineers. So what is my response? In short it is the same message (albeit less “padded”) that I […]

Overview The post “State of APS, SMS, and NMS Industry (Meta Trends)” described the business end of NMS and its evolution over the last three decades. This article tackles the diversification and specialization of NMS and the impact of the most adopted standards FCAPS and ITIL. Network Management Systems (NMS) has evolved just as much […]