We had our first flu and like some it was deceiving. As alternative medicines ADP (Oregano oil), Immuplex, and increased A, D, C, zinc were very effective for us. The illness started as gut discomfort with balance issues and nausea as well as those prone to migraines might experience an episode. It goes into fatigue […]

My mission as both a high-end consultant and a writer is the same. It is the same mission shown in every story ever told – the Hero’s Journey. That journey is the human condition. While a small number of us came in as the Bill Gates of the world, that really is just the 2%ers […]

I am asked this question often, and the simple answer is “life.”  That is, I cheat. As an independent high end consultant in information technology, my job has me roaming the world, wheeling and dealing with: fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and secret military projects.  At home life has forced me to come to […]

In my life I’ve learned to lean on my Autism/ADHD traits. Actually I find about 80% of the people in my industry (IT) are on the spectrum to one degree or another because it allows you to: think outside the box, visualize what can be, and focus on mundane things for exceptional (and I do […]