eatitWe had our first flu and like some it was deceiving. As alternative medicines ADP (Oregano oil), Immuplex, and increased A, D, C, zinc were very effective for us.

The illness started as gut discomfort with balance issues and nausea as well as those prone to migraines might experience an episode. It goes into fatigue and then lifts very quickly in just a couple days. Also in my case I had an odd desire for port (which lowers the immune system.)

This last bit might sound silly but they have actually found this is very common where viruses effect desires in order to increase survivability. The most famous is Toxoplasmosis aka cat scratch fever aka crazy cat-lady disease. This bugger will cause rats/mice to no longer fear cat urine and actually contribute to them getting eaten by said cat. This is because Toxoplasmosis cannot breed inside a rat/mice, only in a cat. So this little critter actually does mind control on the rat/mice to get them eaten.
Actually this whole concept is so intriguing that I am including it in my next novel, Source Code.

Luckily, this flu critter doesn’t do anything like that. But if you find yourself craving alcohol, sugar, and/or chocolate more than usual – it could be this bug and try to hold out for 24 hours.

As a side note as it will likely come up. Our household doesn’t do flu vaccines for two reasons.
1. Usually the vaccines still use thermosol (mercury) as a cheap preservative and I always found it ironic that folks flip out if you break a thermometer in your hand or heaven forbid swallow it, but bypassing the natural filter (the gut) and injecting it straight into your veins as long as it is labeled “vaccine” – well that’s just dandy. This is what triggered my son’s autism in a 24 hour period and contributed to my wife’s health deterioration (due to this and amalgam fillings which are 60% mercury, and a booster shot which also had thermosol.) It was my fault, even if I was caving to peer pressure.

2. 85% of immunity is the boundary — gut, lungs, skin. Only 15% is T-cells, White blood cells, lymph, etc. Jacking up your internal immunity is like a country stopping terrorism by hiring 3million FBI agents and keeping the borders unmanned. It’s a bit nuts. A much better approach is nutrition and hygiene. Worse everything from asthma to MS is an indicator of an over triggered immune system aka TH2 Dominance.

Of course there is a strong counter argument. My only point is take a few cycles on research as the only “public” pressures are market/profit driven and oddly enough there are as many cons as pros on a flu shot especially if you are immune compromised at all due to illness or age.

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