Introduction The article “Everything as Code: Enterprise IT Management Under DevOps”  ( describes how DevOps transforms IT into code.  Just as written language builds knowledge and DNA enables the evolution of life, everything-as-code shatters the knowledge silos of IT, allowing information to flow freely.  Code can be stored, revised, and versioned.  More importantly it can […]

Enterprise IT Management Under DevOps: Everything as Code (in the age of Cloud, Big Data, and AI)   Introduction Enterprise IT Management evolves in spurts, adapting to changes in IT.  This is because traditionally, with each IT revolution, the industry reinvents new approaches, rather than retrofits the existing legacy ways.  This results in collective amnesia […]

Missing Vernacular American culture is still catching up vernacularly to the social age, especially around the more “passionate” exchanges. As shown by past cultures, this can blind a culture from recognizing or worse from managing an issue. The Hopi, for example, had no word-for, nor instance-of suicide prior to the word’s introduction into their language. […]

Ironically, I think Donald was right. Not now. He was right prior to the current election cycle. The terrorist did win on 911 and for a decade and a half since their action triggered the stagnation of the US: politically, economically, and culturally. What was brilliant is they made us do this damage to ourselves. They […]

Today every esoteric and business approach is just one YouTube video away. Frameworks like ITIL and DevOps, once sequestered in the back corner of a degree program, are free for the taking.  Esoteric practices such as Tipping Point or The Secret no longer require a month retreat in a Tibetan monastery. However, every strength exposes […]

Industry Fear and Stagnation Something is wrong with our industry. In an age of OpenStack and AWS, where IT can diagnose and heal itself, the top-down and passive approach to Situational Awareness is stale and ineffective.  This approach uses two fatal strategies: Using humans to continually create and adapt rules for an ever changing technology […]

We had our first flu and like some it was deceiving. As alternative medicines ADP (Oregano oil), Immuplex, and increased A, D, C, zinc were very effective for us. The illness started as gut discomfort with balance issues and nausea as well as those prone to migraines might experience an episode. It goes into fatigue […]

There is a great article in Fortune 500 titled “Can IBM ever be cool?” which if read between the lines confirms IBM’s misstep. Basically after leading with IBM has had 9 consecutive quarters of losses, the article more or less praises Ginni Rometty’s plan to turn IBM into Apple. The article, like IBM, completely ignores […]

Like most Americans I am an adrenaline junkie. I am drawn to bailing out organizations and playing the role of the tactical hero.  However, after many string of successes, I was surprised at the number of organizations that faltered and folded after I left and that all the tactical changes I made were fleeting at […]

People sometimes ask me, where do you come up with the villains in your stories? The unfortunate answer is all around us. Sometimes villains are individuals. Other times villains are entire industries. My most recent “real life” villain encounter was with the moving industry as I moved my family from Austin, Texas to the rain-shadow […]