Industry Fear and Stagnation Something is wrong with our industry. In an age of OpenStack and AWS, where IT can diagnose and heal itself, the top-down and passive approach to Situational Awareness is stale and ineffective.  This approach uses two fatal strategies: Using humans to continually create and adapt rules for an ever changing technology […]

As we come to the end of the year it is a time to reflect.  And before I begin I must caution this is not for the timid souls out there. Unlike some of my counterparts, I believe direct, East Coast style honesty is a better policy if you truly believe in a business such […]

For those who are wondering where did all the Tivoli jobs go this year after such a robust last year, I thought I should write something up … In 2012 and 2013 IBM has made a major shift to its posture toward IT Enterprise Management. As a company, IBM has made such shifts every decade […]

Overview The post “State of APS, SMS, and NMS Industry (Meta Trends)” described the business end of NMS and its evolution over the last three decades. This article tackles the diversification and specialization of NMS and the impact of the most adopted standards FCAPS and ITIL. Network Management Systems (NMS) has evolved just as much […]

I often get asked this question especially in regards to the best NMS or Application Management solution but the answer is loaded due to 3 strategic issues with the space: 1. “Tool only” solutions are limited due to the industries “security stance toward monitoring” (see Thus, Organizational Structure, Business Processes, and Knowledge Management are […]

I recently came across a LinkedIn post that referred to the more narrow field of Application Performance Management and couldn’t resist responding: Lets face it after 3 decades, Application, System, and Network monitoring has progressed very little. Sure there are lots of new toys but as the article does admit most are at the […]

Applications, Systems, and Network Management is dominated by the evolution of the industry. Within this context the various vendors and customers play, often oblivious to the meta trends that determine the ultimate fate of their initiatives. Each decade brings with it a major shift in the context of Applications, Systems, and Network Management and with it different strategies for success. Holding on to bygone approaches and postures ensure catastrophic failure in the present.

The old moto was lean on unbiased, trusted sources. The new moto is buyer beware and do your own homework. Long gone are the days of non-biased, informed “reporting” by Gartner, Forester and others. They disappeared much like the non-biased, informed days of anchor based news. Today everyone has an angle in the globalized “walmart-like” […]