Project Train Wreck This summer I was on a train wreck of a project. This is normal from time to time but disconcerting especially when it is beyond our control.  Coming from the United States my cultural bias is to look past the failure and onto future successes – a great strategy when you are […]

Recently I inventoried the facets of NMS and hit a nerve. Part of this process involved using the deficient standards of FCAPS and ITIL and as I should have expected I got a lot of backlash from engineers. So what is my response? In short it is the same message (albeit less “padded”) that I […]

Consulting, when you get down to it, is mostly about people, namely: 1) know yourself, 2) know your clients, and finally 3) Navigate the gap between the two. Ironically, parenting is the same, though more difficult due to the charged emotions involved. In my case I got an extra dose of learning by leveraging my […]

Life isn’t fair. I think this reality was as daunting to me then as it is to my teenager today. As a young consultant do we ever work less than a 70 hour week? No, because the professional services manager doesn’t want to bother the sales team with a change order to extended the scope […]